Rediscover Memories with Mylio Photos

Unearth, revisit and celebrate every cherished memory hidden on older devices, drives, social media sites, and even in boxes or photo albums.

by Alex Li

Every pixel of every photo tells a story. It’s a story of laughter, joy, surprise, and countless other emotions. Mylio Photos doesn’t just organize your photos, videos, and documents; it brings back every story you’ve woven over the years. Let’s embark on a journey of rediscovery together.

Discover desktop memories with Mylio Photos

Hidden on your desktop among scattered folders are countless memories waiting for a revisit. Using the Mylio Photos app on your Windows or macOS computer is like flipping through an old photo album. Remember when your kids tried to bake you a birthday cake, and the kitchen became an utter mess? Even though you don’t remember taking a photo at the time, those pictures are often waiting for you in your Mylio Photos library.

Unearth hidden gems from old devices


Every old phone, photo stick, Cloud drive, or memory card is a treasure chest. When you connect them to Mylio Photos+, you discover forgotten moments. You might find photos from your college days filled with laughter and adventures waiting to be relived.

The same goes for analog media: prints, slides, or home movies you may have from your early life or from your parents and grandparents. Once legacy media is scanned or digitized, it’s easy to add, preserve, and share family history in Mylio Photos. You can add missing information to make photos and documents more precious and discoverable by future generations. For instance, you can tag faces, add locations, add a date (or date range), and even notes and other information about the image and whom or what it shows.

The best part is that with Mylio Photos+, all your memories will always be accessible and protected across all your devices.

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Relive social media moments

Your highlights on Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram represent special moments. As you connect your accounts to Mylio Photos, you revisit half-forgotten events from years ago, and you can easily import all the media you’ve uploaded there to save and protect in Mylio Photos. It feels great to have that summer vacation photo or the candid moment captured at a local festival together in one place: your Mylio Photos library.


QuickCollections: dive into joyful days

With QuickCollections, you can quickly find the stories behind your photos. Check out the pre-built “Happy People” QuickCollection to find photos of you and your friends smiling. Maybe you’ll remember that surprise birthday party where everyone laughed. Explore another pre-set filter, “Awesome Selfies,” to find memorable pictures you took of yourself solo or with friends and family. Or create a recipe for the future: Apply more than one QuickFilter (maybe it’s People (you and your spouse), Smiling, and Water) and save this as a custom QuickCollection. Anytime in the future, select that QuickCollection to get updated results showing all the images of times you enjoyed together at (or in) the water.

LifeCalendar: a time machine

Every date in Mylio’s LifeCalendar brings back a memory. It might take you to a celebration from a few years ago, helping you relive the joy of that day. Plus, if any photos lack dates, it’s simple to add them, ensuring no memory gets left behind.

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Relive the adventures of a lifetime with Map view

Map view lets you jump from one location-based memory to another. You can retrace your last road trip, recalling each stop and memorable moment. It’s a visual diary of your travels. Do you have pictures that are missing geolocation information? No problem; drag and drop it on the map, and its metadata will be updated automatically. Use PhotoExplorer to find even more information about the place in your photo.

Reconnect with loved ones using Face Tagging

Remembering events with specific people becomes a joy with Mylio’s Face Tagging. Find all your cherished moments with your best friend or all the gatherings with your extended family over the years, all in one place. Build a habit of tagging faces as you add photos to your library. This way, your “friends and family” library (aka People view) will always be up to date.


QuickFilters and SmartTags: your memory assistants

You might not remember where or when a photo was taken, but with SmartTags and QuickFilters, you’ll have no trouble finding it. Whether you’re looking for beach vacations or birthday parties, Mylio Photos makes the search enjoyable and easy.

Instead of traditional search methods, SmartTags uses advanced computer vision to recognize over 1,000 activities, objects, and visual properties in images. From identifying a specific activity like scuba diving to detecting visual elements like a smiling face, SmartTags has you covered.

What’s even better? Every bit of this AI-driven tagging happens directly on your device, ensuring your photos stay private without any data transfer to the Cloud. The next time you’re trying to find that one picture from a joyful family gathering, SmartTags will be your memory assistant, making the hunt not just faster but also a lot more fun.

Sharing memories with Mylio Photos and Mylio Photos+.

Have you found a collection you want to share? Turn them into a slideshow or send your loved ones a Shared Album. With Mylio Photos+, your shared memories will go a long way.

While you enjoy memories from the past, ensure you keep future memories easy to find. Place your cherished photos into Mylio Photos folders, turn them into Events, and you’ll find them effortlessly in the future.

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As David Vaskevitch, Founder of Mylio, said: “Having your photos, documents, and videos available anytime on any device changes everything.”

Start your adventure with Mylio. Every photo and document has a story to tell. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a memory-keeper in your family, Mylio Photos is your perfect companion, serving as a second brain and second heart.

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