Preserving Your Legacy with Mylio Photos: A Guide to Keeping Family History Alive

Photos bring our family stories to life, preserving moments as timeless witnesses in our family history.

by Alex Li

We live in an age where almost every moment is immortalized with a click. But more than just digital keepsakes, these photos, videos, and documents are tangible reminders of our lineage, roots, experiences, and stories. With its tapestry of faces, places, and moments, family history tells us where we come from.

It becomes our responsibility to ensure future generations can see, learn, and understand their legacy. And here’s where tools like Mylio Photos become more than just applications—they become a means to connect generations.

Mylio Photos: not just an app, but a bridge to the past

Digging into genealogy? Mylio Photos has you covered. The Family History Panel enables users to integrate essential family history metadata into their photos, videos, and documents. Dates, titles, descriptions, geotagging, and more—all these elements comply with standards set by the Family History Metadata Working Group, promising that your memories will be easily discoverable by the coming generations.

Mylio’s FamilySearch Memories option (developed in partnership with takes sharing a step further. Post those treasured snapshots of your ancestors and allow every branch of your family tree to relive those moments. Moreover, this content links directly to individuals on your family tree, solidifying its place for future generations.

Video: Family History Panel in Mylio Photos.

Enhancing faded treasures

Perhaps you have an old, faded photo of great-grandma in her youth? Mylio’s image enhancement tools breathe new life into such timeworn gems, preserving them in better quality for the future.

Video: Enhancing old photos in Mylio Photos.

Face Tagging: making sense of a sea of faces

Navigating through a vast library of photos and trying to remember every face can be overwhelming. Enter Face Tagging. Mylio Photos simplifies this process by employing its face recognition technology that meticulously scans each photo, cataloging every detected face. Once you enable the Face Tagging feature and start tagging people, recognized faces are automatically highlighted and batch, patiently awaiting your confirmation of the identification.

Video: FaceTagging in Mylio Photos.

Let’s break this down a bit further:

Face Tagging: At its core, this tool is all about organization. It intelligently collates photos, segmenting them into specialized collections based on the identified individuals showcased in the People view.

Batch Tagging: Efficiency is critical. Mylio Photos recognizes the value of your time. The Batch Tagging tool allows users to tag multiple images in one fell swoop by grouping photos of people it thinks are identified. Say goodbye to repetitive, manual tagging.

Auto Tag: Embracing the wonders of AI, after tagging several photos of an individual, Mylio Photos goes to work. It autonomously categorizes new photos with that person’s face into the existing collection. While reviewing, users can seamlessly approve, reject, or even rename automatically tagged faces.


Deciphering fuzzy dates

Are you unsure if that was from the summer of ’78 or ’79? Mylio’s Fuzzy Dates feature allows you to ballpark those uncertain timelines, ensuring memories aren’t lost to the sands of time. Plus, adding more accurate dates to scanned photos’ metadata means your historic family photos will appear in your LifeCalendar in the right order. (Scanned media generally only contains the date they were scanned.)

Video: Fuzzy Dates in Mylio Photos.

Shared Albums: crafting personalized digital galleries

Mylio Photos+ has revolutionized the art of sharing memories. Imagine curating and sharing a digital gallery for your chosen audience—and feeling reassured that these cherished moments remain semi-private and protected. That’s what Shared Albums offers. These albums reside on non-indexed web pages, putting a fortified wall between your memories and unwanted access. Only people with the unique link can view and download these treasures.

But Mylio Photos goes a step further. Safety is paramount, and with the SafeShare feature, users can strip away all (or part of) metadata before posting. It’s not just about sharing; it’s about sharing with peace of mind, knowing your data remains uncompromised.


It’s undeniable that we accumulate many more photos and videos over time. Enter Dynamic Search. Mylio Photos harnesses the power of AI-generated SmartTags to pinpoint activities, objects, text, and even specific visual properties in photos. Think of it as your photo librarian. This tool constructs a robust local database with text recognition, face detection, and even a rich index of camera settings.

You enjoy using an incredibly fast and efficient search mechanism, often 3-20x speedier than conventional search technologies. The best part is that AI tools in Mylio Photos run locally on your devices. This means your photos or your data never get shared.


The power of local storage and Cloud independence

With our ever-growing digital footprints and concerns about growing cloud storage costs, Mylio Photos introduces a game-changer: Cloud independence. All devices linked to a Mylio Photos account (including storage drives) converse directly, ensuring quick and wallet-friendly backups. But for those who also want Cloud backups, Mylio enables the use of precise syncing settings, based on various parameters like ratings and EXIF data, for a curated Cloud experience. And with automatic encryption, you can say goodbye to concerns about data theft or breaches. Mylio’s compatibility with OneDrive, Google Drive, and S3-compatible storage services is the cherry on top.

But why stop there? With the cost of local storage (like external hard drives) plummeting, Mylio Photos+ taps into this goldmine, offering synchronization speeds that leave the Cloud in the dust. Connected drives accessible by all signed-in devices make this a reality.


Mylio Photos sets a gold standard for privacy

In an age where data privacy is a chief concern, Mylio Photos is your reliable guardian. Many platforms use cloud-based AI to dive deep into user habits, but Mylio Photos champions user privacy. All AI tools operate locally on user devices, ensuring no personal data makes an unauthorized journey elsewhere.

Mylio Photos crafts a safer, more private space to organize, share, and protect personal memories by meshing groundbreaking AI tools with secure local storage and device-to-device communication benefits.

Your memories, your legacy

Family history isn’t just a recollection of names and dates; it’s an ever-evolving story that deserves to be told, relived, and cherished. With Mylio Photos+, you’re helping preserve your family’s narratives, emotions, and legacies. So, embark on this journey of rediscovery and let the rich tapestry of your family’s history unfurl for the world to see. These stories are timeless and can become immortal with the right tools.

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