Find and clean up bad photos in a flash with QuickCollections in Mylio Photos

Transform your photo library from chaotic to curated. Discover effortless cleanup and organization with Mylio's QuickCollections.

by Alex Li

Digital photography has given us an extraordinary gift: the ability to capture countless memories. But, with great power comes a not-so-great challenge: the inevitable digital clutter scattered across all our devices. The QuickCollections feature in Mylio Photos solves the problem of finding images, turning a daunting task into an intuitive, almost playful experience.

Diving deep into QuickCollections

QuickCollections isn’t just about sorting; it’s about understanding. It takes the guesswork out of photo organization. Instead of feeling swamped by thousands of photos, you get intelligently grouped insights, making the discovery and cleanup process effortless. It’s akin to having a dedicated librarian for your vast collection of memories. Transitioning between these collections is a breeze, and before you know it, you’ve transformed a chaotic gallery into a curated masterpiece.

A QuickCollection is a saved group of QuickFilters that automatically gather and display specific photos based on set criteria. Mylio Photos comes with several useful pre-built QuickCollections. You can also make your own. For example, you can create a QuickCollection that contains your 5-star-rated images with a SmartTag like “bird” or perhaps a Person tag like your child or spouse. QuickCollections update dynamically so if you add new photos that meet the criteria, they’re automatically added to the QuickCollection.

Essential (pre-built) QuickCollections

Camera Cleanup: Have you ever returned from an event with photos marred by blurriness or someone who blinked at the wrong moment? Camera Cleanup identifies and showcases all those blurry photos and the ones where people have their eyes closed. Instead of painstakingly sifting through each shot, Mylio’s Camera Cleanup acts like your personal photo detective, helping you curate a perfect gallery. This is especially valuable when many devices are connected to your Mylio Photos+ library.

Video: How to use a Camera Cleanup in Mylio Photos?

Need to Organize: Think about all the candid shots you’ve taken over the past three months. There might be hidden gems you forgot to rate, or flag lost among them. This category highlights all photos and videos taken in the last 90 days with no ratings or flags. It’s Mylio’s gentle way of saying, “Hey, give these memories a second glance.”

Review for Cleanup: We’ve all had moments of being trigger-happy with the camera, resulting in less-than-stellar shots. This collection specifically zeroes in on the images you’ve flagged as “Reject” or those with a 1- or 2-star rating. It’s like having a quality control expert, ensuring only your best photos remain.


Screenshot Cleanup: In the age of information, our devices are filled with screenshots – from recipes to memes. While some are timeless, most serve a momentary purpose. This collection is tailored to quickly identify all those screenshots, helping you discern what’s essential and expendable.

While QuickCollections makes it easy to find photos, additional Mylio Photos features like QuickReview and Photo Declutter also make it easy to select the pictures you want to keep. QuickReview mode is especially valuable when you want to clean up your media library on the go; it lets you use mobile screen-friendly swiping gestures to pick, reject, and rate photos quickly.

Video: Using built-in QuickCollections in Mylio Photos.

Mylio’s unique power: using technology to enhance emotions

At its core, Mylio Photos is a bridge between technology and emotions. It’s not just another tool; using it is an experience. With an emphasis on intuitive design, Mylio Photos brings forth the power of advanced technology and stunning visuals in the most straightforward manner. QuickCollections is just one of its many marvels.

Mylio Photos+ doesn’t just organize your photos, videos, and documents; it empathizes with your memories. It understands the joy of a clear space, the sentiment behind curated moments, and the satisfaction of a streamlined system. In a world bursting with fleeting moments, Mylio Photos+ ensures your captured memories are as everlasting as they deserve to be.

Delving into more fun with QuickCollections

Mylio Photos isn’t just about the essentials. It also adds a touch of delight with some quirky and fun pre-built QuickCollections:

Awesome Selfies: It’s easy to poke fun at selfies, but who doesn’t love a vivid, fresh photo of themselves having fun with friends or family? This collection showcases your best selfies, the ones where your smile is radiant and the focus is impeccable. No more sifting through those slightly blurry or off-kilter selfies; Mylio Photos ensures you see only your best angles.

Sharp Cats: For all you cat lovers, this is for you! Sharp Cats shows clear and beautiful pictures of cats. Whether it’s a close-up of their eyes or a fun action shot, if it’s clear, you’ll find it here.


Invert, revert and discover with Mylio Photos

Diversity in perspective often leads to exciting discoveries. By clicking Mylio’s ‘Invert Results’ button (at the left end of the filters bar), you can flip the script on the results of a search you narrowed with QuickFilters. By inverting, you see the media that didn’t fit your original criteria. For example, inverting a collection of hummingbirds would display all other birds in your library, providing a fresh perspective and potentially leading to unexpected finds. Give it a try sometime!

Where should you start?

The beauty of Mylio Photos lies in its versatility. Whether you’re just stepping into the world of digital media organization or an experienced memory-keeper with an expansive library, Mylio’s QuickCollections are tailored for everyone.

For beginners, here’s a simple way to harness Mylio’s power:

Launch Mylio on your preferred device: Be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone, choose what’s handy.

Add Your Media: From cherished memories to everyday snapshots, bring them into Mylio’s embrace.

Engage with QuickCollections: Start with the collections to swiftly declutter and organize.

The magic unfolds as you begin to use QuickCollections. As you familiarize yourself with Mylio Photos, you’ll soon realize that what may seem like an ordinary media organizer is, in fact, a powerhouse that merges simplicity with unmatched efficiency and warm emotions.

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