QuickFilters vs Dynamic Search

by Elisa

When to Use One vs the Other and How to Combine Them for Even Better Results

By Angela Andrieux

Managing and finding the right photos, videos, and documents from a vast collection can be daunting. Mylio Photos simplifies this process with two powerful features: Dynamic Search and QuickFilters. Understanding when to use each feature and how to combine them can drastically improve your ability to find the perfect image or file. Let’s dive into the details of these features and explore different ways you can put them to use.

Dynamic Search in Mylio Photos offers a fast and intelligent way to locate specific files within your media collection. As you add and import media into your Mylio Photos Library, the application dynamically indexes your files. This process leverages a high-speed database, ensuring that search results are delivered faster than traditional methods. What sets Dynamic Search apart is its ability to learn from your search habits. Over time, it tailors its indexing to suit the types of data you frequently search for, enhancing the efficiency and speed of future searches.

Dynamic Search is particularly adept at handling various types of data, thanks to features like AI SmartTags, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Face Detection, and extensive metadata analysis. This comprehensive indexing occurs locally on your device, ensuring your media remains private and secure.

  • Finding Specific Images or Videos: When you need to locate a particular photo or video based on detailed criteria like activities, objects, or people recognized through AI SmartTags and Face Detection. For example, search for a friend’s name, a place you visited, or for objects like a mountain or dog.
  • Searching Text in Images: Utilizing OCR to find documents or images containing specific text.
  • Advanced Metadata Searches: Looking for media based on detailed camera settings, copyright information, or GPS data.

What are QuickFilters?

QuickFilters in Mylio Photos help you rapidly narrow down your media library based on various criteria. These filters can be applied in any view and can sort through folders, dates, events, file types, albums, people, categories, ratings, and more. QuickFilters are particularly useful for swiftly accessing photos and videos by utilizing metadata and user-added information like tags.

The ability to stack filters further enhances the precision of QuickFilters, and the option to save sets of filters as custom QuickCollections streamlines future searches.

Using QuickFilters

  • Refining Search Results: After using Dynamic Search to find a broad category of images, QuickFilters can narrow down the selection to the exact file you need. Try searching for an object like a Dog or Cat, then narrow the search using QuickFilters > By Year to find your favorite pet from a certain chapter of your life.
  • Organizing and Viewing Collections: Easily grouping media by event, date, person, or other criteria to quickly access related files.
  • Rapid Access to Frequently Used Media: Using saved QuickCollections to access regularly needed images or documents. Try using one of the built-in QuickCollection presets like Awesome Selfies or Sharp Cats to see how it works.

Combining Dynamic Search and QuickFilters for Optimal Results

Mylio Photos allows users to combine Dynamic Search with QuickFilters for the best of both worlds. This approach is ideal for managing large libraries, enabling users to quickly zero in on the desired media.

  1. Start with Dynamic Search: Begin by finding a broad category of media using Dynamic Search’s powerful indexing capabilities. Imagine you’re looking for photos from a specific trip to Paris. You might start with Dynamic Search to locate all images with metadata relating to France.
  2. Refine with QuickFilters: Narrow down the search results by applying QuickFilters based on specific criteria like date, file type, or person. For example, you could apply QuickFilters to select photos taken with a particular camera or lens or during a specific date range within your Paris trip.


Mylio Photos’ Dynamic Search and QuickFilters are indispensable tools for managing and accessing your digital media library. Dynamic Search offers a broad, intelligent search capability that learns from your habits, while QuickFilters provide a means to quickly refine and access your media. By understanding the strengths of each feature and combining them effectively, you can significantly enhance your ability to manage and retrieve media in Mylio Photos, ensuring that the perfect image is always just a few clicks away.

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