Unleashing the Power of SmartTags in Mylio Photos.

SmartTags in Mylio Photos swiftly and intuitively bring your precious moments to the forefront, turning hours of searching into seconds of awe-filled rediscovery.

by Alex Li

Photos are more than just images; they’re stories, memories, and emotions bundled together. Today’s digital age overwhelms us with many photos and media files. Every trip, every gathering, every fleeting moment is often captured multiple times.

This digital treasure, while valuable, becomes a burden when we’re drowning in an ocean of files. As a result, countless hours are spent scrolling through camera rolls, sifting through countless photos to find that one cherished memory or necessary document.

The brilliance of SmartTags.

Harnessing AI’s power, SmartTags transform the cumbersome task of sifting through heaps of photos into a breeze. Think back to that breathtaking mountain hike last summer, the serene lakeside picnic, the unexpected wildlife sighting on a road trip, or when you first saw that classic vintage car at an auto show.

Instead of scrolling endlessly to relive those moments, with SmartTags, you can instantly open the SmartTags “tree” and click on terms like “mountains,” “water,” “animals,” or “vehicles,” and voila!

Video: SmartTags in Mylio Photos.

So, how does this magic work? SmartTags employ computer vision, which, in simpler terms, is like teaching the computer to ‘see’ and ‘understand’ a photo. Whether it’s recognizing colors, animals, objects, or activities, Mylio Photos’ AI swiftly scans and tags your photos accordingly.

And the best part? All this AI processing is done locally on your device. That’s right! No cloud uploads, no sharing with external services. Your data, memories, and stories remain wholly private.

SmartTags vs. keywords: what’s the difference?

While SmartTags and keywords help you categorize and find images, there’s a distinction. SmartTags are automatically generated based on your photo’s visual elements and properties. Think of it as an AI-driven ‘first impression’ of what’s in the photo.

On the other hand, keywords are manual labels or tags you attach to give your photos a personal touch, making them even more searchable. You can label that trip with the family as “Summer Vacation” or your kid’s birthday bash as “Jake’s 5th Birthday.”

Video: SmartTags vs. Keywords in Mylio Photos.

The beauty lies in how they complement each other. While SmartTags help you with an initial organization based on visual traits, Keywords allow you to personalize and categorize as you see fit. You can always convert SmartTags into keywords on a specific photo or a group of photos.

Maximizing your SmartTags experience.

Accessing SmartTags: Click on an image and access the Info Panel on your left. There, you’ll find the AI-generated tags under the SmartTags section.

Promote a SmartTag: Have you found a SmartTag that resonates and wants to make it a permanent keyword? Click the checkmark icon next to it.

Mistakenly removed a SmartTag? Worry not. Right-click on the photo and choose ‘Rescan SmartTags’ to bring it back.

Have you ever wondered how confident the AI is about the SmartTags it assigns? That’s where AI Sensitivity comes into play. When using SmartTags in QuickFilters, you can adjust the sensitivity. For more results with potentially lower accuracy, slide to the right. For precise results, veer to the left.

Mylio Photos+ is where the power of SmartTags truly shines. Even if you’re quickly skimming through photos on your smartphone, but your media files are scattered across various devices, Mylio Photos+ ensures you don’t miss a beat. It acts as the central hub for all your media management needs.

Not only does it intelligently organize your photos, but it also preserves them, ensuring that every memory is easily accessible and safely stored. So, whether it’s that sunset snap from last summer’s vacation on your tablet or the spontaneous family photo on your laptop, Mylio Photos+ brings everything together and lets you find anything seamlessly.

The journey from capturing a memory to reliving it should be effortless. With Mylio Photos and its game-changing SmartTags feature, you have an arsenal of tools to navigate your digital library seamlessly. So go on, let your memories flourish, and let Mylio Photos handle the organizing.

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