Uncover the Power of Free Photography Webinars

by Dima

Learning photography is an ongoing goal for every amateur and professional photographer. One can never know enough. Besides, the world of photography keeps evolving; new photography gear appears every year, photo editing and organizing software improves constantly, and artistic perspectives shift following social and cultural changes. Therefore, having access to free photography webinars is an affordable and effective method to stay up to date with the latest changes and trends in photography.

Photography Webinars by Mylio

Mylio offers a diverse range of free events and resources easily accessible through the mylio.com platform. Amongst them, are tutorials, instructive videos, answers to the most frequently asked questions, coffee breaks, and webinars. The Mylio community appreciates the free webinars because they provide something none of the other resources does: interaction. So here is everything you should know about Mylio’s webinars.

What Is a Webinar?

A webinar (aka a web seminar) is an online training session focused on a particular topic. Webinars are usually short (around 1 hour) and concentrated on a very specific subject. A single webinar won’t take you through the entire world of photography. Instead, it will clarify a photography aspect you’re interested in (e.g., how to start travel photography, how to organize your photos, how to take long exposures, etc.).

The main benefit of webinars is their interactive nature. Webinars take place online, via a video meeting platform such as Zoom and Google Meet, and offer a safe space for asking questions. Attendees can directly ask the host questions on the webinar’s topic and receive answers on the spot. It’s like being in a classroom without leaving your home.

How to Attend Mylio’s Photography Webinars

If you aren’t a member of the Mylio Photos community, become one right now. Only community members have access to the live version of webinars. 

Mylio’s photography webinars are held via Zoom. Therefore, to attend the webinars you need to install Zoom app on your device. You can attend via a computer, tablet, or smartphone because Zoom is available for all these devices. After clearing that up, head to Mylio’s events page and check out the upcoming webinars.

You can either browse the list of webinars or use the categories on the left to filter the results. For example, webinars that help you get started with photography are under the Getting Started Webinars category. Other categories are:

  • Quick Start Videos for video tutorials teaching you how to use the Mylio platform
  • Mylio Photos Tutorial for articles and instructive tutorials on Mylio Photos
  • Quick Tip Videos for shortcuts and easy tips and tricks
  • Coffee Break for short webinars hosted by Mylio Photos experts
  • Webinar Replays for watching recordings of past webinars
  • FAQs for finding answers to the most frequent questions in the Mylio community.

If you are available on a particular day, you can check a day in the calendar and see what events are happening on that day. And if you miss a webinar, you can always watch the recording anytime you like. Furthermore, recordings are available to anyone, Mylio Photos community member or not. But there is a big difference between attending the event, asking questions, and being part of a community and just watching a video.

Once you find an upcoming photography webinar you would like to attend, just click on its title or on View Event button to get all the details. A pop-up page will inform you about the webinar’s host, exact time (Mylio uses EEST time so make sure you calculate your local time), description, and joining procedure. You can add the event to your calendar and share it with your peers.

Expert in photo organizing, Mylio is no less in event planning. Everything you need to ensure you don’t miss a webinar is a few clicks away. If you add the event to your calendar, you’ll receive notifications. If you want to check out who’s coming, you can see that too. And because Mylio shows upcoming events one month in advance, there is no reason for you to miss a meeting.

So whether you are up for a coffee break or webinar, you have a question, or looking to become part of a photography community, the Mylio events platform is the place to go.


Photography webinars are a fast and pleasant learning opportunity. They help you become part of a community, meet fellow photographers, discuss with photography experts, and have your questions answered. Add the fact that Mylio Photos members have free access, and you’ll definitely want to add a webinar to your calendar.


What’s webinar training?

Webinar training refers to free online teaching sessions focused on a particular topic. A Q&A section ends the session. Webinar training sessions are usually short (less than an hour) and interactive. Many companies offer free webinars to help customers learn to use their products and services or acquire new skills in their area of expertise. However, some companies offer free webinar training as a way of building a community, staying in touch with the public, and promoting the company’s culture.

Why is important to attend webinars?

The main benefit of attending webinars is learning and acquiring new skills. The second is saving money as webinars are usually free. But webinars aren’t just about your knowledge and budget. They have a large audience, which allows attendees to be part of a community, improve networking, and position themselves as experts in their field by asking the right questions. You also get to know the host, usually already an expert in the field, and find the latest news in your industry. By attending webinars dedicated to products and services you use, you can be among the first to know about new releases, upgrades, and promotions.

Where can I find free webinars?

The best place to look for free webinars is on the websites or blogs of companies you already use and like. For example, if you use Mylio Photos, you can start with the Mylio community’s events. If you also use Adobe products, you can try Adobe’s webinars. The immediate benefit is mastering the products you already use. The long-term benefit is becoming part of a community of people with similar interests.
The next best place to look for free webinars is on the websites of high-rated companies, the pillars of your industry. They will keep you up-to-date with state-of-the-art technologies and the latest news. Furthermore, they have huge audiences and are excellent conversation starters.

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