Discover Mylio Photos: Because You Value Your Memories.

With Mylio Photos, your cherished digital moments are neatly arranged and kept safe, ensuring peace of mind for you.

by Alex Li

You love capturing moments and care deeply about your memories. You also want an easy way to keep all your images safe and organized. That’s where Mylio Photos comes in. It’s not just another photo storage service; it’s a solution that supports your pursuit of a flawless memory-keeping experience.

Why choose Mylio Photos?

Mylio Photos is all about making things easy for you. Instead of storing your stuff on distant Cloud servers, Mylio Photos helps you manage media on your devices. This means you can access your photos, videos, and documents anytime, even if you’re not online. With Mylio Photos, finding any image or document is a breeze, thanks to its top-notch discovery tools.

With the optional premium plan, Mylio Photos+, your devices (like computers, phones, and external drives) connect directly and safely. This means all your memories stay private, for only you to see, and you can access them on any device. Mylio Photos+ is more than just a subscription plan; it’s the answer for those who truly value their memories and want to protect them.

Unlike many Cloud companies, Mylio Photos respects your existing folder structure, helps you manage media on devices you own, and gives you absolute freedom for memory-keeping.

Video: Where are my images stored with Mylio Photos?

A smooth experience on any platform

Mylio Photos revolutionizes the way you handle your digital media. It provides a cohesive, organized, and easily accessible library that ensures your precious memories are always at your fingertips, regardless of location or device.

Whether you’re an Android user, firmly in the Apple ecosystem, or someone who flits between a Windows PC, Mac, and iPad, Mylio’s cross-platform design ensures the app works smoothly across the board. Your media library is consistent and accessible regardless of your device.

We recommend downloading Mylio Photos on all your devices, including your smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, and tablet. With Mylio Photos, you can easily organize and manage your photos on a single device: either a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

With Mylio Photos+, you’ll turn all your devices into a universal cloud-independent library: Since your photos, videos, and documents will sync privately across all your devices, your library is always the same everywhere. Moreover, you can clean up your library with duplicate removal tools, protect your media with automated backups, share albums with your friends and family, and much more.

Curate your collection the way you want


Mylio Photos offers many ways to add photos and other media. Because we understand every memory you’ve captured deserves the best, we’ve made importing and syncing your media as flexible as possible.

Guided Import helps new users consolidate their photo and video sources into a single library. With Guided Import, you can seamlessly import media from various sources, including popular social media services like Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. It’s another way to quickly and efficiently add images (even those scattered across other devices and platforms) to your Mylio Photos library. 

Video: Guided Import in Mylio Photos.

All the essential information is at your fingertips.

The Mylio Photos Info Panel puts all the information about your photos, videos, and documents at your fingertips. You’ll quickly access all your camera EXIF information, timestamps, SmartTags, keywords, and more. You can easily edit the title, description, and other details. There’s a ton of information available for you with the Info Panel, which changes depending on what’s selected: a single image, a group of images, a folder, etc.

Video: Info Panel in Mylio Photos.

We want to congratulate you on the decision to embark on this journey with Mylio Photos. Continue to explore, share your discoveries, and make your memories live longer. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions: we are always here to help you. Join our community to access helpful tutorials and ask quick questions, and you can contact our support team directly via the in-app Help menu (click the ? icon at the top.)

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