The Emotional Toll of Misplaced Memories

Don't risk losing irreplaceable memories. Discover how automatic backups can safeguard your precious photos, ensuring they're safe even if your devices are not.

by Elisa

Imagine if your phone fell into a body of water right now.  Your photos of your new puppy. Your kids’ birthdays. Everything from the first days of school to food snaps to holiday photos.

Would you lose your photos if you lost a critical device, like your phone, work laptop, or iPad? Backing up our endless camera rolls can feel like a chore: It must be automatic, or our photo libraries are quickly outdated. Then, if we lose a device, we lose photos we can never replace.

Accidents Happen

No matter how careful we are, device or data loss will happen. A corrupt drive or memory card. A lost or stolen laptop. An electrical storm zapped a hard drive. A phone dropped in a swimming pool. Without a plan to protect them, memories, photos, and videos will be lost.

The thought of losing my extensive photo collection gives me the chills. It freaks me out even when one of my backups fails, usually through drives dying of old age. I can’t relax until I know a new one is in place.

To protect your memories, you need a rigorous data protection plan: Automatic backups that keep your files in sync all the time. Changes that are backed up in real-time, so you always have the most up-to-date version of your collection.

Adding two Vaults provides even more protection against data loss. If your first Vault device has a problem—like the hard drive failing due to old age—your second Vault still has your library safely backed up.

Mylio Photos+ is the solution.

To get started, install Mylio Photos on every device that contains photos. Then, subscribe to Mylio Photos+ and designate one or more devices or drives as Vault Drives. A Vault device is a hard drive with enough storage space to fit all your media files. Mine is a 12TB hard drive attached to my desktop computer.

With at least one vault in place, Mylio Photos+ will automatically back up your photos and videos to any device you have designated as a Vault.  Designate three devices as Vaults; you always have three automatic backups running.

Once your Vaults are in place, any new photos, videos, or documents added to any device will be automatically backed up to your Vaults. Find those old hard drives, SD or CF cards, and USB drives. Plug them into any of the devices on your Mylio Photo+ account, and they’ll be backed up to your Vaults and, if you like, synced to every other device on your account.  The exact process applies when adding media from your scanner or social media accounts.

As you can see, Mylio Photos+ allows you to add all your devices to your library, making it possible to protect all your media – even if you drop your phone down. And with the new Mylio Drive (coming soon in Mylio Photos V24), you can access your precious memories on any device without interruption.

A story by Jemma Pollari.

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