Upgrading to a new iPhone 15? Here’s how to transfer your photos quickly.

Move photos, videos and other files, including your Mylio Photos library, to a new iPhone 15 quickly and hassle-free.

by Osiris Indriya
Transfer Mylio Photos to your new iPhone 15

Each September, Apple releases new iPhones with better specs, cameras, and more. If you just got a new iPhone 15, transferring all your essential files and data from your old phone to your new device can take hours and hours using an iCloud Backup. Here are the steps to transfer photos onto your new iPhone 15 with Mylio Photos—fast! The exact process can transfer all your apps and data to a new iPad. Hassle-free. Cloud-free.

Transfer photos to iPhone 15 quickly.

Remove large files from your current iPhone that don’t need to be backed up, like podcasts, movies, TV shows, etc. You can download those later after you move over to the new phone. You can review the largest files on your device by going to Settings > General > Storage.

Using a Windows computer? Start by downloading and installing the latest version of iTunes for Windows.

Don’t forget! — 2FA Code Generators & Crypto Wallets

Remember to manually transfer any two-factor authentication (2FA) apps, crypto wallets, or other highly secured apps and data. This wired transfer process is unreliable for transferring these data types.

Step 1: Connect your old iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.

Lightning connector for iPhone 14 and older.

You will need a lightning cable for the iPhone 14 line and older. For best results, directly connect your old phone to your computer using a high-speed lightning cable. Once connected, your old iPhone is listed as a device in the Finder / iTunes.

Step 2: Back up your old iPhone to your computer.

Open the old iPhone in the Finder (macOS) or iTunes (Windows).

Select “Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac.”

Click “Back Up Now” and wait for the backup to complete.

Backup all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac or PC

Unlock your old iPhone with your passcode when asked to do so, or the backup will fail.

Wait for your backup to complete; then, it is OK to disconnect your old phone from the computer.

Now, move to Step 3 to transfer your photos to your iPhone without extra hassle.

Step 3: Connect your NEW iPhone 15 to your computer with a USB cable and transfer photos to your new iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pro with USB C connector

You will need a USB C cable for the iPhone 15 line and newer. This one.

For best results, directly connect your new iPhone 15 to your computer using the correct high-speed cable. Once connected, your new iPhone 15 is listed as a device in the Finder / iTunes.

Step 4: Restore your NEW iPhone from the new backup.

Open the new iPhone 15 in the Finder (macOS) or iTunes (Windows).

Choose the most recent update that you just created.

Select “Restore Backup“.

Restore backup using Finder on macOS or iTunes on Windows

Click “Restore” and wait for the restore to finish. If asked, enter the password for your encrypted backup.

Choose the most recent backup and click Restore

Keep your iPhone connected by USB. Your phone will restart. Wait until it has finished syncing with your computer.

When the restore is finished, disconnect your new iPhone 15 and continue working with your pictures in Mylio Photos – it’s a free app that will help you protect, rediscover, and organize a lifetime of photos, videos, and documents across all your devices.

Done ✅

Congratulations on successfully transferring your photos to your shiny new iPhone 15!

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