Spaces & Remote Control: Collaboration Is Here

by Doug Daulton

Ever wanted to show off your Mylio Photos library without revealing everything? That’s where Spaces comes in. It lets you decide what’s visible and what’s not. Imagine avoiding those awkward moments when a colleague accidentally sees your beach vacation pics while you’re presenting work photos. Or, you could share a Mylio Photos+ account with your family and don’t want everyone’s photos jumbled together.

With Spaces, you’re in control.

What are Spaces?

Simply put, Spaces are subject-specific views of your Mylio Photos library. You determine what categories of your library you want it to contain. Spaces can be made available to other Mylio Photos users to collaborate on editing, managing, and sharing the media visible within a given Space.

Your Privacy Preserved

Need to keep some media, like X-rays or other medical documents, private? Assign them to the Private category, and they won’t appear in other Spaces. You can hide individual items or entire folders. You can also set a PIN for added security.

Populating Spaces

Add media to Spaces using one of the following methods:

For Individual Items: Select a photo and add a Category. For Folders: Assign a Category to a folder, and all subfolders and items pick up that Category (unless you move them out).

Custom Spaces

With a Mylio Photos+ account, you can create custom Spaces using a combination of default and custom Categories. Put several categories into a QuickCollection to share with your family and friends.

For example, create custom categories for Birthdays, Holidays, and Vacations. Make a QuickCollection called “Our Family,” which includes all three, and add the Family category. Then, share that QuickCollection with your spouse and children. Add photos to any category within the QuickCollection, and everyone sees them.

Collaboration Made Easy

Use Remote Control with Spaces and collaborating with other users on your library becomes a breeze. Do you want them to view but not edit? No problem. Prefer they can share but not delete files? You got it. Adding new devices to your account for family members or colleagues? Give a user device complete control or no control.

Remote Control allows granular control of what each device can see and what actions a user can take on your library. It’s all about giving you the power to decide who sees what and how they interact with it.

Spaces and Remote Control reimagine how we manage, share, and collaborate on our media libraries. It offers a tailored experience, ensuring your privacy is maintained while allowing seamless collaboration.

Whether you’re looking to keep specific photos private, share specific memories with family, or collaborate on ongoing work or personal projects, Spaces provides the flexibility and control you need. With the added security of PIN protection and the convenience of Remote Control, managing your media has never been more accessible or private.

Spaces and other great features are available in Mylio Photos V24.

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