Shared Albums Redefine Photo Sharing

by Doug Daulton
Shared Albums

Looking for a unique way to share your cherished memories or exclusive projects? Explore Shared Albums in Mylio Photos+. It’s a quick, easy, and semi-private way to share your favorite snapshots and moments.

What is A Shared Album?

Shared Albums allow you to design and curate semi-private photo collections, which you can then share with a select group of individuals. Pick an album and choose the Create Shared Album option. Then, step through the process to share with family, friends, or colleagues.

What Sets Mylio’s Shared Albums Apart?

Shared Albums are stored on web pages intentionally hidden from search engines. So, only those provided with the direct link can view or download your content, offering a layer of privacy. It’s comparable to a private directory that’s shielded from general access.

Users are expected to comply with Mylio’s terms of service when publishing shared albums. Specifically, they may not share offensive, inappropriate, or copyrighted content.  Mylio has provided users the means to report any content they find inappropriate or potentially infringing on copyrights.

How Might One Use Shared Albums?

The joy of family gatherings is unparalleled. Think back to that family reunion at Grandma’s home in the country. The kids playing in the field, Uncle Bob’s BBQ skills on display, and Aunt Lisa’s storytelling sessions. Every moment, every laugh, every shared story captured. 

With Shared Albums, you can create an album for these memories and share the link with family members across the globe. It becomes an exclusive, living digital album to which you can add new photos as they become available.

Shared Albums are exclusively available to Mylio Photos+ users and those sampling it on an active trial. At Mylio, we’re committed to enhancing your photo-sharing experience, blending user-friendliness with top-tier privacy.

Shared Albums, Spaces, and other fantastic features are available in Mylio Photos version 24. Click here to learn more about Mylio Photos 24.

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